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                        Health Nutrition & Fitness Coaching



This program is designed to custom fit the needs of each individual. Our bodies are mirrors of good health so we are here to instill strong self-confidence and to live a  happier and healthier life.  With proper whole food nutrition for weight management and exercise this program will help you achieve your health goals. It offers consultation,  physical assessment, nutrition counseling, food planning and prepping, as well as a safe and effective exercise and  life plan. This program was developed from a highly skilled and experienced fitness professional who will actively watch over your achievement recordings and diet logs. The program also includes daily coaching to evaluate progress, discuss struggles, difficulties and any redirection of the plan if necessary. To reassure, this program is not just based on a weight loss or a maintenance plan, but rather a strong focus of how to use holistic fitness & nutrition to create a healthy body transformation for life. Its for individuals who are seeking to increase the quality and  longevity of their lives.

Single  Session and Package rates are available.

Fees for Consultations, Materials and Assessments will apply.

Please note: Program Pricing will vary for depending on the custome program packaging and that is fit for you. This will be evaluated during consultaion.

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Wellness Lounge

Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The lymph vessel system is a component of the Lymphatic system which includes the lymphatic organs of the thymus, tonsils and spleen. This manual massage technique is a decongestive therapy that helps improve or restore lymph drainage that has become impaired. It is used to reduce edema, (the buildup of intestinal fluids) and the substances contained in these vessels by transporting it out into the venous blood circulation. Most commonly used to relieve sinus pressure and congestion, inflammation of joints and post-op swelling.

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Body Treatment

An invigorating relaxing treatment to revitalize the full body through exfoilation and therapeautic massage. This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.




A holistic healing method which involves pressure and massage of the reflex points found on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. The vital energy or life force circulates between the organs permeating every living cell and tissue. When energy is blocked in the human body it reflects on the feet and the hands in one or more zones located there. When pressure technique is used on those areas it detects blocked energy with a sharp or dull pain.

Reflexology is designed to dissipate energy blocks and breaks down crystalline structure through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems promoting the body to self heal.