Skin Care & Brow Lounge

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 SkinCare & Brow Lounge


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The Makeup Lounge

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Receive a Natural Looking Organic Spray Tan ( free Trial) when you book a makeup Service.

 The Tanning Lounge  

Professional Sunless Spray Tanning by  

Custom Airbrush Tanning

Our Sunless Tan is an all natural organic product with no artifical coloring and rich in vitamins, lucious natural oils and pure botanicals.  Professionally trained to custom fit your color level needs. So no matter how light or dark your preferences are the color always looks natural even as it fades.

Competition Airbrush Tanning


If you are entering a Competition and  would like to show the judges how hard you have worked.  We have the right blend of  products that will prepare you with the proper shade and contour technique that will give you a winning physique.

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