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Brow Wax & Shape

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Brow Tweeze

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Back Wax



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 Brow Transformation

Do you suffer from Sparse...Shapeless...Over Tweezed?

This will be the start of a very beautiful relationship between you and your Eyebrows. Have you been experiencing threading or waxing  places that have left you feeling  like there is no hope to ever having normal looking brows again?

Well... it doesn't matter what the problem is....we will fix it!

Brow Reformer will help you get your eyebrows shaped up and growing  normal again.

We also offer effective and safe Eyebrow and Lash Enhancement products (Powered by Revitalash) to help get you started.

My Brow Lounge

Eye Brow Shaping Enhancing and Body Hair Removal

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Revitalash R

Nufree Finipil is gold standard professional hair removal. It is a soy based non wax hair removing product. It was created by Plastic Surgeons for less discomfort and non-irritaion to the skin for pre sugery hair removal on patients  

  • Not a WAX!

  • Antibacterial/Antimicrobial

  • Safe, Clean and Germ Free

  • Soy Based Botanical and safe for entire body

  • Less Painful than wax based products

  • Pulls the hair not the skin (no ingrow)

Nufree Face and BodyHair Removal Services

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